Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet


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Photo: John Ulman

“I don’t remember meeting Samantha. She just seemed to appear on the scene one day and since then she’s been an enormous part of this Seattle community. At the expense of sounding weird, she reminds me of myself in a couple of ways: always a little harried and always ready to make something happen.

Sam’s music is a blast, sometimes literally. She plays with all her heart and her projects are always about pushing herself, without a lot of concern for what’s “important” right now or where the “envelope” is. That’s something I admire in an artist. There are a lot of musicians in this town, but Sam is a musician and an artist. She has a vision, the energy to make it happen, and the artistry to bring it to her audience.”

—Wayne B. Horvitz

Wayne B. Horvitz is a Seattle-based composer and the force behind the Royal Room in Columbia City.

Learn more about Moment Magnitude at the Frye Art Museum:

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