Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet


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Thursday, December 13, 2012
5:30pm – 6:30pm

Samantha Boshnack

As a composer, Samantha Boshnack fuses jazz, world music, and contemporary classical music. Rather than create compositions that are comprised of the essence of these worlds, she focuses on how these languages have cumulatively shaped her individual voice. With this in mind, she creates ensemble works with intricately woven soundscapes, harboring deep grooves and punctuated, explosive improvisations.

As Boshnack notes, “My intention is to charge orchestral and chamber precision with the syncopated rhythm of my personal blend of jazz, rock, world, and experimental music. This manifests as a large ensemble in my B’shnorkestra, in Reptet (an internationally touring collaborative project), and in the highly fluid mobility of the Quintet. In each, I aim to eliminate boundaries and create a sound that reflects the dynamic complexities of individual experience—that’s also a really good time.”

The Frye Art Museum performance will feature eight new works for the Quintet, including suites written in honor of the Mount St. Helens eruption, and Seattle’s newest music hub, the Royal Room. Often inspired to write in celebration of new moments in our community, Boshnack is delighted to present seismic work for quintet in honor of Mw [Moment Magnitude]. The Quintet features Boshnack (trumpets), with Beth Fleenor (clarinets/voice), Dawn Clement (keyboard), Isaac Castillo (bass), and Max Wood (drums).

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