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Boshnack is awarded Make Jazz Fellowship!


 Boshnack has been selected as the 2018 Make Jazz Fellow.  The Seventh Annual Make Jazz Fellowship is sponsored by the Herb Alpert Foundation to honor and support promising, emerging Jazz composers.  18th Street Arts Center will provide her with a three-month fully funded residency in Los Angeles, starting February 2018.  While there, she will compose and rehearse “Seismic Belt” with a band of LA musicians she assembles. At the end of the residency, she will premiere the work at a large concert in an LA venue presented by 18th Street Arts Center.

Prior recipients of the Make Jazz Fellowship are Matana Roberts, Tomeka Reid, John Ellis, Marquis Hill, Teddy Raven, and Giorgi Mikadze. Click here for more information.

Stay tuned for more developments as the time draws nearer….

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Nellie Bly Project by Sam Boshnack Quintet Out Now!

Available for purchase on bandcamp as well as:
CD Baby

Sam Boshnack Quintet’s second album, Nelly Bly Project (Artists Recording Collective) is an illustrative and evocative musical portrait of a hero that Boshnack has admired since a young age. Bly was a 19th-century daredevil feminist and journalist who worked within extreme confines to achieve great things for both the subjects she covered (including mental health and prison facilities), and for women in her field.  The album moves between the narrative and abstract, creating an imaginative world that channels Bly’s groundbreaking spirit.

What the press is saying:
“Fresh, smart, and bold describe Samantha Boshnack’s Nellie Bly Project. Inspired by the pioneer female American reporter from the late 1800s, Boshnack weaves significant quotes by the journalist into a shifting musical tapestry. Bly (aka Elizabeth Cochran) defined a true woman as “innocent, unaffected, and frank.” While Boshnack’s sound embodies more life experience than what could be described as innocent, listeners will hear an unaffected and frank approach to writing, improvising, and recording…. Boshnack’s music stretches and sings with refreshing strength.” – Steve Griggs/Earshot Jazz.  Read full review.

“While no one would or should argue about the accomplishments of the journalist (Nellie Bly), Ms. Boshnack’s music is also quite impressive.  The integration of words and music is well thought-out and the compositions are quite strong…. The power in her (Bly) words and deeds is the fuel for Sam Boshnack; you can hear it in every note of her ‘Nellie Bly Project’, hear it in the impressive melodies, the rhythms, the interactions, and solos of the Quintet.” – Richard Kamins/Step Tempest.  Read full review

“Nellie Bly Project represents a step up in ambition from the prior, already-ambitious release by the Sam Boshnack Quintet, because Bly was a complex figure, so any accurate depiction would likewise portray complexity.That’s probably fine and good with Boshnack, who is already prone to stretch as both a composer and artist. The Quintet’s performances don’t necessarily follow conventional song structures: they flow more like an act in a play and this four act play seeks to tell the story of Bly through the moods projected in the veering harmony, rhythmic intricacy and occasional presentations of Bly’s writings whether by singing it or reciting it at critical junctures within each song.….. Sam Boshnack is an example of a growing number of women leading a resurgence of creativity in jazz.” – S. Victor Aaron/Something Else Reviews. Read full review.

“Not quite free jazz, you can hear the echoes of struggle in the music and the vibe tilts toward prevailing. A very solid listening date, this trumpeter delivers the art without being artsy. Sitting down jazz fans have something solid to sink their teeth into here.” – Chris Spector/Midwest Record.  Read full review.

“Boshnack, both within ensemble playing, and skillful soloing, offers her best playing to date on trumpet, supported strongly by Castillo, Chadsey and Wood. Fleenor, a musical constant in Boshnack’s work in Seattle, plays with unconventional prowess, drawing musical, poetic, and social parallels with the composing artist. The social narrative to achieve gender equity, is still a story being told loudly, and clearly. The struggle continues, with the courageous activism of Nellie Bly still serving as a beacon of inspiration and persistence to modern “daredevil” artists such as Boshnack. Her ability to create a narrative musically, and truly educate and inspire the listener is rare, and important. It’s part of what makes music a language that unites cultures, and empowers justice. – Paul Rauch/All About Jazz.  Read full review.

“There’s a large presence to this session, which is surprising given that it was created by a relatively small quintet. But given that the music here is inspired by the career of journalist and world-traveller Nellie Bly, so the fact that it’s vast in sound and scope is appropriate. Trumpeter Samantha Boshnack created a tone poem in honor of Bly, who traveled the world in a record-breaking 72 days, and the music is as daring as its inspiration. Thick harmonies and wavering melodic fragments augment a big sound that’s rich with detail and nuance.” – Dave Sumner/Bird is the Worm – “Best Jazz on Bandcamp”. Read full review

“Whether functioning in spacious or dense areas, Nellie Bly Project vibrates with raw musicality and airs a remarkable honesty in its endeavor to capture Bly’s spirit.” – Filipe Freitas/Jazz Trail.  Read full review

“The overall result is an unusually compelling 35-minute suite that is strongly recommended.” – Mike Borella/Avant Music News.  Read full review

“Musically, the material dazzles, from the haunting thematic statement voiced by Fleenor’s bass clarinet and Castillo’s arco bass at the opening (a theme that surfaces repeatedly in differing instrumental garb throughout the track) to the deftness with which vocal parts are woven into the work’s design.” – Ron Schepper/textura. Read full review

Samantha Boshnack trumpet & vocal
Beth Fleenor clarinet & bass clarinet
Alex Chadsey piano & keyboards
Isaac Castillo upright & electric bass
Max Wood drums
Valerie Holt and Anne Mathews vocals (tracks 1 & 3)
Anne Whitfield spoken vocals (tracks 2 & 4)

Recorded by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho, Seattle, WA
Mixed by Evan Schiller at zulusound, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA

Album artwork by Steven Arntson
Album design by Anne Mathews

Release Date – August 18, 2017

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Live Concert Recording on Jazz Northwest

sam at sam

June’s Art of Jazz concert at the Seattle Art Museum featured Sam Boshnack Quintet playing Boshnack’s original music. The concert was recorded for radio and highlights aired on Jazz Northwest on Sunday June 18 on 88.5 KNKX, this archived recording is available to stream at

Included in this concert were selections from Exploding Syndrome and her latest recording, Nellie Bly Project.

The Sam Boshnack Quintet at The Seattle Art Museum included Sam Boshnack, trumpet, James Falzone, clarinets, Alex Chadsey, piano and keyboards, Isaac Castillo, bass and Max Wood, drums.   James Falzone heads the Cornish College Music Department and appeared as a special guest, substituting for regular clarinetist Beth Fleenor.

Jazz Northwest is recorded and produced by Jim Wilke exclusively for 88.5 KNKX and is heard Sundays at 2 p.m. Pacific.  Thanks to the Seattle Art Museum and Earshot Jazz for presenting the series throughout the year.  


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Nellie Bly Project CD Celebration

Duende Libre-Sam Boshnack QuintetSam Boshnack Quintet-8.5x11

duende libre and Sam Boshnack Quintet Double CD Release Show

Get Tickets

A celebration of two exciting new releases – duende libre’s self-titled debut album and Sam Boshnack Quintet’s Nelly Bly Project.  At this bold and engaging performance, expect to hear innovative compositions rooted in the jazz tradition with an ear to everything from contemporary chamber music to salsa to American rock, delivered with heartfelt conviction. Although each band possesses its own unique aesthetic, they find common ground in their shared passion for creating original music that melds eclectic sounds and styles with fiery improvisation.


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Sam Boshnack Quintet on KNKX


On April 11, 2017 Sam Boshnack Quintet had the privilege of performing live at KNKX studios for radio broadcast.

Listen and watch videos

“Growing up in upstate New York, you might expect a young jazz talent to head for the Big Apple, the legendary “jazz center of the world,” but trumpeter Samantha Boshnack came to Seattle. She’ll tell you it was a great decision.

Sam is a dedicated composer as well as player, and she told us about working with her large ensemble, the B’shnorchestra, that working with those she admires as players and people is what she loves about jazz.

Live in the KNKX studios, it was obvious that her band loves playing her music with her.

Complex, multi-faceted movements are her specialty, and after three extended tunes our studio audience felt like we’d been on an epic journey. One word that kept coming up was “cinematic,” and one piece – “Seventy-Two Days” from her soon-to-be-released Nellie Bly Project album – sounded like a short film about the dynamic journalist, inventor and daredevil feminist from a century ago.”

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Sam Boshnack Quintet Happenings


Sam Boshnack Quintet will be making our Tula’s debut – I hope you can join us.
     April 14 – 7:30 pm
     2214 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
     For reservations please call 206-443-4221 or email with the following info: reservation date, time, number in party, last name for reservation, and your phone number.

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B’shnorkestra Global Concertos CD Release

B’shnorkestra is thrilled to announce the release of it’s second album – Global Concertos.

This recording was recorded live on May 9, 2015 by Tom Fallat and Paurl Walsh, mixed by Evan Schiller and mastered by Ed Brooks.

You can now purchase the CD on cdbabyAmazon iTunes and Bandcamp

B’shnorkestra was nominated for both Album of the Year (for Global Concertos) and Acoustic Jazz Ensemble in Earshot’s Golden Ear Awards.  These awards recognize the accomplishments of Seattle jazz artists over the previous year.

“Under the direction of Joshua Kohl, B’shnorkestra provides both compositional brilliance, and improvisational latitude… notions of freedom and spiritual unity are beautifully expressed by Boshnack’s modal transitions providing a musical landscape not “fragmented” by cultural bias.” – Paul Rauch/All of About Jazz.  Read More

“A sense of boundless – and borderless – creative improvisation infuses Boshnack’s cinematic compositions; her musical feat cannot be overlooked or overplayed.” – Halynn Blanchard/Earshot Jazz – Read More

“What you will find and hear in these five extended original compositions (from live performances, by the way) is a well-formed and well-thought out set of modern “chamber music”… but, it’s not boring, or plodding, or any of those terms that are often associated with the genre…. It was the wonderfully upbeat “Concerto for Talking Drum” that got my vote for personal favorite… you will hear Gypsy caravans, Hollywood horns and some of the most energetic up-front percussion that’s ever been recorded.  I give Samantha and her “B’shnorkestra” a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.”  – Dick Metcalf/Improvijazzation – Read More

Composer / band leader / trumpeter Samantha Boshnack gained *my* attention for her first release with this 14 piece big band, entitled “Go To Orange”, which came out of nowhere and hugely impressed me with its maturity. This is the somewhat different (more world music influences) but equally poised follow up and it is another excellent unclassifiable-but-still-jazz release. Highly recommended! – Wayside Music – Read More

Global Concertos Live, is a sprawling map of World musics cohered to meld into nearly avant-garde expositions rooted in firm historical roots. I say “nearly” as it’s evident avant-gardery wasn’t her full intent, but the result of the global transcosmopolitan blended with folk refrains and divers other elements puts the five long offerings here somewhere between what the Zoho label has been so prodigious in emitting and a neoclassical wrinkle no one has yet coined a genre term for. – Mark Tucker/VERITA VAMPIRUS CD REVIEW

Global Concertos is five Boshnack compositions, each showcasing a guest soloist’s instrument and tradition: Thione Diop – West African talking drum, Christos Govetas – Greek clarinet, Srivani Jade – North Indian vocals, Julio Jauregui – Latin American piano and Thomas Marriott – American jazz trumpet. In Global Concertos each artist brings their individual voice to the B’shnorkestra to create a new “all world” sound.

B’shnorkestra:  Samantha Boshnack (trumpet/composer),  Chris Credit & Kevin Nortness (woodwinds), Alex Guy & Paris Hurley (violin), Brianna Atwell (viola), Maria Scherer Wilson & Daniel Mullikin (cello), Tim Carey & Carmen Rothwell (bass), Adam Kozie & Greg Campbell (drums/percussion), Ivan Galvez (congas/percussion), Joshua Kohl (conductor)