Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet



Alchemy Sound Project is a collective of composer-performers whose music combines elements of jazz, world music and modern chamber music. This diverse and eclectic group aims to blur the boundaries between notated composition and improvisation. The alchemy of these individual voices working together results in music that is powerful, original and highly interactive. The artistic vision of the ensemble is inspired by freedom of expression, musical experimentation and a consideration of spiritual elements in musical discourse. The group’s configuration and roots reside along the jazz continuum but also draw upon a wide spectrum of modern compositional technique and style. All of the composers in the collective have not only an extensive catalogue of jazz compositions, but a wide range of writing experience including orchestral music, film scores, chamber works and collaborations with artists of other mediums such as spoken word, dance and visual art. Alchemy Sound Project is committed to synthesizing the individual voices and experiences of diverse composers into a musical experience that is fresh and new.
Featuring composer/performers – Erica Lindsay (tenor saxophone), Sumi Tonooka (piano), Samantha Boshnack (trumpets), David Arend (bass) and Salim Washington (tenor saxophone, flutes, bass clarinet, oboe).



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