Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet



Sam Boshnack | trumpet & compositions
Beth Fleenor | clarinets & voice
Alex Chadsey | piano & keyboards *
Isaac Castillo | bass
Max Wood | drums

*Dawn Clement plays piano & keyboards on “Exploding Syndrome” and Nellie Bly Project

Sam Boshnack unleashes her latest project, a beautifully quirky, high-energy Quintet.  Formed in 2011 and nominated for 2012 Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award for NW Alternative Jazz Group, the Sam Boshnack Quintet features all-original compositions by Boshnack.

Boshnack is quickly gaining acclaim as a composer, her  “open voicings, jaunty tempos and buoyant timbral mixes have a friendly monster feel that achieve a bittersweet and elegiac mood of orchestral grandeur” (Downbeat).  A classic jazz instrumentation, that does anything but standard music, the Quintet packs a power punch. Boshnack’s primary small ensemble as a leader, this band thrashes and bounds through tightly woven twists, tunnels and cliffs with the deftness and precision of a chamber ensemble and weight of a rock band.

Boshnack creates work with intricately woven soundscapes harboring deep grooves and punctuated, explosive improvisations in her personal blend of jazz, rock, contemporary chamber, world, and experimental music. Like all of her projects (B’shnorkestra, Reptet), she works to eliminate boundaries and create a sound that reflects the dynamic complexities of individual experience…that’s also a really good time. 

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Sam Boshnack Quintet Onesheet

In May 2014, with funding from 4Culture, the Sam Boshnack Quintet premiered a large suite of music inspired by daredevil, feminist and journalist Nellie Bly >listen to this new music!

Watch three videos from our May 9, 2014 performance

In January 2015 the Sam Boshnack Quintet was featured on Nancy Guppy’s Art Zone >watch our performance!