Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet


Samantha Boshnack’s Seismic Belt Live in Santa Monica, will be released on Orenda Records on March 15!  Pre-order today on Amazon  or Apple Music.

Seismic Belt One-sheet

What the press is saying:

“With Boshnack at her cinematic best, Seismic Belt’s Compositions and perfroamcnes present the musical equivalent of a camera zooming in and out, panning from side to side, and moving from slow-to fast-motion to reveal a volatile molten landscape from all angles.” – Karl Helander/Chamber Music America Read Full Boshnack Profile on page 12

“The music of ‘Seismic Belt’ is generously playful and adventurous. Each piece has multiple elements of styles from varied early jazz, lots of swing, a wide scope of dynamics, boundary jumping measures, and incredible dexterity (both mentally and physically). The entire event is first class throughout. The complex rhythms keep you on the edge of your seat and demands attention to that marvelous mind you have. This is big band done in a premium way, sometimes kiting all over the stage, only pausing for the occasional intimate trumpet solo, so soothing to the soul, or a quick side step for stand up bass, violin and quiet drumkit to make entrance for more peppy syncopated orchestration. It sounds like a perfect collision of her B’shnorkestra (her other larger ensembles of 14 members), and her Sam Boshnack Quintet, both having multiple ingredients, but the mixture is large scale orchestrated and then small details magnified among the majestic.
In the show, there are so many great jazz and classical composers that you may be reminded of (too many to list in fact), with some truly wonderful string arrangements, but nothing overshadows the astonishing style blend that Samantha Boshnack has created here. Her ‘Seismic Belt’ is among the best avant-garde bands I have ever heard”. – Lee Henderson/Big Beautiful Noise Read more

“Trumpeter and more importantly, composer (although she’s a fine trumpeter!) Sam is one of my very favorite up ‘n’ comers and if you haven’t already experienced her uniformly great body of work, this is a great place to start!” Steve Feigenbaum/ Wayside Music

“Boshnack skillfully weaves melodies, improvised solos, and pulses of varying intensity to express arcs, plate movements, and explosive volcanic activity. Seismic Belt has many jagged edges, abrupt explosions of improvisation, angular melodic passages, and uneven endings….
The musical expression of seismic activity demonstrates aptly Boshnack’s courageous nature as an artist. While most art springs from the well of human emotion and experience, Seismic Belt largely expresses the volatility and movement of the very earth we walk upon.” – Paul Rauch/Earshot Jazz Read more

“In which we find the answer to the question: can you win an award from Herb Alpert and turn around and make a record that Carla Bley would have been proud to release on Watt 40 years ago? This record answers both questions at once with a big yes. Displacing Rickie Lee Jones as a girl at her volcano, Boshnack’s fascination with volcanoes is the inspirational driving wheel behind this release so much so that you think you can hear the magma fermenting as you listen to this. Gleefully but seriously coloring outside the lines, progressive jazz fans will not go wrong taking a byte out of this. Well done.” – Chris Spector/ Midwest Record