Samantha Boshnack

composition | trumpet


This is a blog about all things “Uncomfortable Subjects” – a new project from composer Samantha Boshnack featuring collaborations with Jane Wong and Natasha Marin.

Acknowledging our collective pandemic experience, “Uncomfortable Subjects” extends Boshnack’s previous themes to sound the pulse of this time, charting complex fluctuations of pain, joy, and vulnerability and seeking understanding in uneasy realms of solitude, reemergence, uncertainty, and change.

Uncomfortable Subjects has 3 events coming up!!!!

#1 We are performing a partial premiere with a smaller band at Winter Jazzfest featuring – Samantha Boshnack (trumpet), David Leon (alto saxophone/flute), Sonya Belaya (piano), Florian Herzog (bass), Stephen Boegehold (drums).  

#2 The second performance also be a partial premiere with a smaller band at The Royal Room on Monday February 21. Featuring Samantha Boshnack (trumpet), Chris Credit (alto saxophone/flute), Carlos Snaider (guitar), Chris Symer (bass), Greg Campbell (drums).

#3 The full work will be premiered at the Chapel Performance Space on May 14th.  Featuring: Johnaye Kendrick (voice), Alex Guy (violin), Alina To (violin), Heather Bentley (viola), Gretchen Yanover (cello), Carlos Snaider (guitar), Chris Symer (bass), Samantha Boshnack (trumpet), Chris Credit (woodwinds), Leanna Keith (flute), Bhavani Kotha (oboe) , Greg Campbell (drums).